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Hand Embellished Giclee Canvas | Las Vegas Gallery

If you're looking for a ONE OF A KIND piece of artwork, this is it!!

Join us as we take you into our vibrant and colorful world. Each vibrant scene reminds us that our everyday lives are filled with wonder, beauty, and magic, if only we allow our eyes to see it. We use romantic red hues to encourage the imagination and  make the impossible seem plausible.

One of a


In 2017, we introduced a style we called paintography. It starts by taking a photograph, converting it to black and white, and adding paint to give the artwork texture and depth. This collection is fun, colorful, and reflects our love for expanding your imagination. This unique blend gives you the quality and uniqueness of an original painting with the sharp detail of a photograph.

December Secret 24x48-7.jpg

Striking red paint adds texture and depth

20x40 Framed December Secret-2.jpg

Ready to hang for easy display

December Secret 24x48-3.jpg

Limited Edition of only 250

20x40 Framed December Secret-5.jpg

Canvas produces outstanding detail

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