We introduced the Fine Art Collection to satisfy an essential need for grand scale picture framing solutions for interior designers, gallery exhibitors, and purveyors of large format fine art.

This collection is hand crafted in Italy, utilizing a heritage of time- honored craftsmanship that is renowned with artists, furniture makers and designers worldwide. Exquisite wood and metal veneer finishes were selected and applied on substantial profiles to create both visual impact and elegance. The clean, simple lines of the profiles paired with the luster of metal and warm wood tones combine the elements of classic and modern, offering many framing solutions to a great variety of art anddesign genres and color schemes.

The Fine Art Collection was designed for those looking for visual impact. With the ultimate combination of scale and style, this group of mouldings will be an asset for those looking to give their art the grandest stage of all.

Luxury Fine Art Framing | Limited Edition Fine Art 

30x45 "Mahina" Framed in 4'' Roma Bourbon with 3'' white liner

Reach to the Heavens
Secluded Escape
Morning Rush
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