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5 Tips on Buying Your First Piece of Art

Hello everyone and a pleasant good evening to you wherever you may be. I have been a gallery owner selling fine art for over a decade and a collector of art for even longer. I have put together what I think are the most important tips for new collectors buying their first piece of art.


The art world really can be overwhelming but there are many ways to find art info. The better education you have, the better your collection will be. I suggest reading art magazines, talking to other fine art collectors, visit local art festivals and art gallerists to familiarize yourself with different styles and mediums of fine art. This is also where the internet, specifically Michael Ashley Gallery, can be a helpful resource in discovering new art you may have never know existed.

Very often you evolve from what you originally thought you liked. This is because your taste becomes more sophisticated and you expand your horizon to find that you also like abstract photography or beautiful shots of the Milky Way you never knew existed.

Michael Ashley Gallery is one of the largest top selling galleries of modern and contemporary luxury fine art in the world. Combined with the commitment to creating a luxury product, investing in one of these pieces will bring the enriching and visual elegance of nature into your home.

We release our artwork in limited editions no more than 250 with the average print being 100. This adds incredible value to our collectors. Having low editions allows us to create true value for our collectors.

With sales increasing every month, we are have been fortunate to sell out and retire 5 Limited Edition Photographs from our gallery. Once and image is retired, it can never be produced and purchased again, adding increased value to our prints.


"Mahina" 40x60 Roma Tabacchino Framed Acrylic Fine Art Print with 3'' Black Linen Liner


Acrylic vs Metal Prints? Metal vs Canvas? Canvas vs Print? Are you buying something that you love and you want purely because you think it’s great? Or are you buying something that you love but want it more as an investment?

Limited Edition prints can be a great investment, and grow substantially in value as the prices rise quickly when prints sell through the edition and fewer are available. 

There are different types of purchases in the art world. An original painting on canvas is more valuable than a work on paper by the same artist; or if it’s a limited edition versus a one-of-a-kind piece. We offer a very collectable piece on canvas titled "December Secret". Read why this rare one of a kind artwork is so special here.

It’s very important for a first-time collector to know that there are various factors that affect the price of the artwork. For example, our Acrylic Fine Art Prints are only sold in Limited Editions and produced using the most advanced process and the highest quality materials available. It's a unique, premium product and that's what makes it so special and very collectible but comes with a higher price tag than canvas or paper prints.

"Secluded Escape" shown here as a 24x60 Printed on a Custom Chromaluxe Metal Print

For those who truly want the very best museum quality, we recommend having your artwork professionally framed. This will not only protect your art from getting damaged but adds a visual impact that can't be achieved by your local chain retail store.

We offer our acrylic fine art prints framed with luxurious Roma Moulding imported from Italy. This unique framing option adds an incredible luxurious look and feel to your art piece with breathtaking results.​​​​​​​​ For more information about these stunning frames, read our Blog about Luxury Fine Art Frames.

"December Secret" shown here framed in Larson-Juhl Panzano. This is a special process we created called Paintography. It starts by taking a photograph and Turing it black and white. Then we hand paint the red leaves on top of the canvas using oil paint creating one-of-a-kind piece.


Set a budget in terms of what you can afford and be prepared to spend a little bit more.

The things that I regret in purchasing fine art are not any works that I purchased but the artwork I didn’t purchase.

Ashley and I were in a gallery in Hawaii and loved this one artist work but had a price tag of $5,000. This was outside our price range so we thought about it for a few months and decided to pull the trigger but it had increased in price to $8,900. That was defiantly outside our range and lost the opportunity in owning a valuable piece of art.

Ask the gallery about special financing. Many galleries offer 0% financing or will put you on a payment plan.

"Spirit of the Earth" shown here as a Multi Panel 96'' Limited Edition Acrylic Fine Art Print