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Cancun, Mexico

  • Limited Edition 250


Photography's about a feeling. It's about heart and creating a connection. We searched the Caribbean shores of Cancun all week to capture that special mood. Walking along the beach one day, Ashley and I came across this unique pier. It instantly spoke to us and we knew it was special. The artistic design of this dock silhouetted against the sunset was the romantic scene we'd been searching for.


Composition was critical as it needed to carry your eye right into the image and make you feel as though you were there. A long exposure gives the shot a dreamy, romantic feel, soaking up the pastel colors and textures of the ocean. The soft, gentle hues made this shot look just like a painting. It takes you there - to a place of total peace.


250 Limited Editions and 1 Artist Proof

Available in custom sizes

Secluded Escape

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