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Las Vegas, NV


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What is Michael Ashley Fine Art Photography?
It is a luxury brand of Fine Art by Photographers Michael Lamers and Ashley Love. Michael and Ashley sell Limited Edition photographic artwork through Art Festivals across the United States and on their online store. 


What is a Limited Edition?
Limited Edition means that there will only ever be a pre-determined number of prints produced of each photograph. Once the edition sells out, there will never be another reprint of that photograph. Limited edition collections carry strict production limits between 10 and 250 which adds value for those who collect artwork.

Artist Proofs
With each standard image release, only 5 numbered and signed High-Definition Artist Proofs are made available. These editions are regarded as personal to the artist and therefore highly sought after by collectors.

Elite Editions 
Elite Editions are exclusive, highly coveted images with 10 prints or less available. They are considered to be among his most rare and valuable.

Show Prints

Show Prints are exclusive images that have been hand selected by Michael and Ashley. The editions are limited to only 75 and only sold at Art Festivals. These prints will never be sold online. Check out our EVENTS page to see our festival schedule.


Why does the price of the artwork change over time?

Limited Edition prints can be a great investment and grow substantially in value as the prices rise quickly when prints sell through the edition and fewer are available. Collecting early guarantees you are also receiving the most competitive pricing available.

After 25% of the Edition is sold, the price increases to the next tier. Once 95% of the Edition is sold, the image reaches an "Executive" tier and the remaining prints sell for $20,000 - $35,000. 

How are editions produced? 

Photography Prints are produced using the most advanced processes and the highest quality materials available. Combined with our commitment to creating a luxury product, investing in one of these pieces will bring the enriching and visual elegance of nature into your home or office. No matter the medium you choose, you can expect the highest quality materials and processes, great service, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Can I order a custom-sized Limited Edition artwork?
Custom sizes are available for all of our print editions, for more information please contact us at

Can I frame my artwork? 
Absolutely! We have a number of hand-crafted options available to you. We have selected a few collector favorites for online purchases and have additional selections available at our shows.

Is the art signed? 
Yes. Each Limited Edition artwork features a digitally embedded signature and edition number on the face of the artwork