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Limited Edition Luxury Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photography 

Thank you for your interest in our artwork. We are internationally acclaimed fine art photographers. Our gallery has become synonymous with pristine images of romantic sunsets, peaceful waterfalls, and jaw dropping photos of our universe's beauty which produce a crisp, rich and vibrant composition that is bursting with life and color. We have sold upwards of $1 Million of artwork to valued collectors, art show enthusiast, hotels, and corporate offices around the United States.

 At Michael Ashley Gallery, we release our artwork in limited editions no more than 250 with the average print being 100. This adds incredible value to our collectors. Many other artist sell higher number of limited editions and their work is flooding sites like eBay. Having low editions allows us to create true value for the collector, keeping our work off the secondary market. 


Limited Edition prints can be a great investment, and grow substantially in value as the prices rise quickly when prints sell through the edition and fewer are available. After 25% of the Edition is sold, the price increases to the next tier. Once 95% of the Edition is sold, the image reaches an "Executive" tier and the remaining prints sell for $20,000 - $35,000. 


Our limited edition collections carry strict production limits between 10 and 250. Every image is signed and numbered and includes a matching Certificate of Authenticity.

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