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Their name says it all. Michael and Ashley are world-renowned film and digital photographers who have traveled across the world to capture the unseen. Unlike most photographers, they work as a pair. Their photography is about emotional perception. They believe it’s not about seeing but more about what’s expressed that makes photographic art. 

The purpose of their imagery is to compel others to pause and feel. As artists, they strive to create a photograph that inspires you and develops an emotional connection. Using traditional photography methods mixed with the blending of multiple exposures allows your imagination to see a story within each photo.

It is their aspiration that the photographs you collect tell a story about how they captured a moment in time, giving a surreal feel to each image. Every image tells its own story and helps create an emotion that is full of strength and beauty. They strive to capture each scene so vividly that just glancing at a piece allows you to escape reality, even for a short moment.


From the colorful abstracts to zen gardens and secluded retreats, Michael Ashley Fine Art Gallery represents the most innovative and contemporary artwork of our time. Their museum quality, large format prints are a perfect way to bring the beauty and healing aspects of nature into your home or business. You haven't truly experienced the emotional depth and grandeur of a photograph until you've seen it properly printed and displayed. The luminosity of the Acrylic Fine Art Print is extraordinary. These photographs capture light in any room and the vivid colors draw you into their world. The artists believe your home should be just as relaxing and alluring as your vacations.

They invite you to visit their online gallery and explore amazing views of Mother Nature in stunning panoramic prints for sale.

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