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Lisbon, Ireland

  • Fine Art Limited Edition of 250
  • Available in custom sizes


  • My goal as an astrophotographer is to show you views of our universe that you may not have seen before. I attain this through careful composition, attention to detail and creative use of natural light.


    Shooting the night sky is extremely challenging but when done well can be extremely rewarding. Using long exposure techniques has allowed me to view a world that is not accessible to the human eye. Since this process is so involved, many of my photos are a result of a combination of revisiting the same location countless times to patiently wait for the universe to expose itself through its ideal conditions.


    I strive to capture the universe’s beauty through diligent photography techniques which produce a crisp, rich and vibrant composition that is bursting with life and color. I hope that my pictures’ essence allow you to escape reality, even for a short moment.

Guardian of the Galaxy

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