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How to Choose Perfect Fine Art for your Home Decor | Art Display Ideas

Art Print Sizes | Choosing The Right Size

There are different categories of sizes. These break down in to mini, small, medium, large and oversized. When choosing what will best fit your area, you should consider what decor you are working with. Let’s say you are choosing something for above your bed. Think about filling 2/3 of the wall above your headboard, considering both length and height. You can choose one large piece to occupy that space or multi panel wall art pieces that complement each other.


Style | Designer Art

This tends to be the easiest way to select wall art because it’s easy to figure out what your style is. Are you a Reebok kind of person or do you gravitate toward Jimmy Choo? If you tend to like designers in one area, you will likely also prefer to decorate your house in an upscale manner. In this case, you should be looking in galleries to accommodate your space, not Ikea wall art. Start by choosing one piece that complements the furniture you already have and build upon that slowly. Don’t get overwhelmed.


Selective Color Photography | Complementary Colors Photography

This style lends itself to a household that is already pretty established. If you already have your furniture picked and your walls painted, you can use the existing colors as a starting point. Let’s say you have grey walls, dark wood furniture and white cabinets. Your house would likely go well with different shades of a cool tone like blue or green. If you tend to stick with more black and white with orange pillows as your accent, you will want a piece of artwork that is mostly neutral with warmer colors just as an accent. In general, you will want to avoid neon colors as they do not tend to mix well with neutral tones. Think about undertones as well. If you have deep blue window coverings, an art piece with light shades of blue would look nice as a complement even if the exact blue of your shades isn’t represented. Lastly, think about complimentary colors. Colors like blue and orange are complimentary so they will be pleasing to your eye when placed in the same areas.

"Infinity" with Luxury Roma Frame and black linen liner mat.


Select by Theme | Beautiful Landscapes

Theme selections work best in places of the country that lend themselves to a theme around them.


If you have a cabin in the mountains, you could consider rustic wall decor.

Beach and Ocean Photography| Ocean Wall Art

If your space is closer to the beach you will want to consider landscape beach wall decor or sunsets as this will complement the feel when you are in that location.

"Painted wave" displayed in this beautiful modern home over looking the city

Tree Photography


Select when inspired:

This is my favorite type of selection. I love when I happen upon that one piece of artwork or a piece of memorabilia that just called to my soul. Once you have your inspired piece, you will want to pick a few colors to match it, whether that be undertones and other shades of that color or complimentary colors. Let your inspired piece shine and then build around it by choosing other complimentary pieces of art. Don’t forget to incorporate white as well. Too much color can be distracting and take away focus from your main inspiration.

Final Thoughts

It all comes down to choosing what you like. In the end you live in your space, you want to be comfortable and inspired by whatever you choose. Use the fine art gallery professionals to help guide you. They will know which fine art images will go in certain styles of home and which pieces best complement each other.

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